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How to Deal With Post-Lockdown Anxiety

Since March 2020, we have become used to staying at home, not seeing people, and not
visiting public spaces like pubs or nightclubs. Now, however, with all lockdown restrictions to
be lifted this month, there is suddenly a widespread expectation for everyone to ‘get back
into the world’. For many people, this idea can produce feelings of anxiety. As a busy therapy practice
providing counselling in Hampstead, Highgate and online, many of our clients have come to
us with fears about making this quick transition from isolation to being surrounded by other
You might need some support making this adjustment, so here are a few things to keep in
mind if you are experiencing post-lockdown anxiety.
Take Your Time
With lockdown lifting, there is a pressure to immediately return to nightclubs, restaurants,
bars, and other places where large groups gather, causing feelings of health anxiety or
social anxiety. Perhaps you feel obligated to immediately throw yourself back into the deep
end. Your friends may be pressuring you to do exactly that.
Recognising these external pressures and refusing to let your behaviour be dictated by them
is an effective way of keeping your post-lockdown anxiety under control. Getting caught up in
the rush will only make things worse. The transition back to ‘normal life’ is set to be a long
one, so there is no good reason to do it all at once. If you don’t feel comfortable enough to
visit a nightclub, for instance, always remember that they aren’t going anywhere. Visit them
when the time feels right; not when somebody tells you to.
At a time like this, it is common to be swept up by the emotions and anxieties of others, which
contributes to post-lockdown anxiety. Creating a mental routine, whereby you remain
conscious of your thoughts in the present moment, helps you to manage these feelings better.

Our team of experienced, qualified counsellors in Hampstead, Highgate and online work with
you to promote mindfulness - a crucial aspect of handling post-lockdown anxiety, as it helps
you to reduce your worries about the future and to stay in the present,
with greater understanding of - and compassion towards - any intrusive or negative thoughts.
Working towards greater mindfulness in this way will naturally reduce your levels of post lockdown anxiety.

Seek Support
You might feel like you are all alone; that you are the only one going through post-lockdown
anxiety. Opening up to others about challenging emotions can be extremely difficult.
However, you will be surprised at how many friends or family members may be experiencing
the same feelings of post-lockdown anxiety as you. Reaching out to people and hearing
them express the same anxious thoughts experienced by yourself will help ease the burden and
make you feel less alone.
If you want to talk through your post-lockdown anxiety with a professional counsellor in
Hampstead, Highgate or online, get in touch with our team of counsellors. We combine a
number of different counselling approaches to help you work through challenges in your
work, personal relationships, and any other anxieties you have as we move towards a post-pandemic world.

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