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Counselling, Psychotherapy, CBT, Couples and Relationship Counselling, Family Counselling in Hampstead, Highgate, East Finchley, North West London.

I offer a safe and supportive space in which the client will feel enabled to explore and gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships with others. This can be short-term cognitive behavioural therapy or long-term psychotherapy.

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Short-term Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

You may initially consider 'short term therapy' if you want to deal with a specific issue. This can be for a fixed number of sessions, typically between 6 and 12.

In these sessions we will incorporate Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). The purpose of CBT is to initially change the way people think about themselves and in turn, their environment. CBT emphasises the importance of the present and the future, as opposed to the past.

A flexible and creative approach is encouraged by CBT. CBT encourages independence and can help individuals find their own resources, learn to recognise and use their own wisdom and discover personal methods for self-help, which should ultimately lead to self-trust and capability for self-change.I may also incorporate mindfulness into CBT.

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Using mindfulness can help you to increase your awareness of yourself in the present as well as help you to manage emotional problems in your everyday life. You can discover how to live and enjoy the present rather than worrying about your past or being anxious about your future. Mindfulness encourages you to feel more clearly what is happening in and around you in each moment. You can then respond to difficulties using a more conscious approach - rather than a more conditioned and negative automatic response. This can feel very liberating, helping you create the changes you want more freely.

You can incorporate mindfulness techniques into your daily routine helping you to overcome many issues including stress, anger, anxiety and depression.

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Long-term Psychotherapy

A psychodynamic approach is generally more appropriate in long term psychotherapy.

A psychodynamic approach looks at the lively and constantly active connections between different aspects of our personality. These connections are formed through past and present relationships with significant others, as we develop and grow. These relationships affect us both consciously and unconsciously and may affect how we relate to people and situations throughout our lives.

Working psychodynamically places much importance on how the past may influence the present, and how, in turn, patterns of behaviour from the past may manifest in all current relationships. It also acknowledges the existence of the unconscious and how powerfully we can be motivated by our unconscious wishes. I often incorporate a combination of both CBT and a Psychodynamic approach into the sessions.

In order to decide which type of counselling is right for you I offer a 30 minute introductory session free of charge. This is an opportunity for you to meet me, ask questions and discuss what you would like to gain from counselling.

Group Therapy

I run various groups throughout the year. Please see my home page for latest information.

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